Condensate Pump Mini Blue


Mini Blue uses the existing proven rotary diaphragm principle in a compact lightweight package which will not only retrofit around existing pipework or cornering trunking but also into the ceiling void due to its self priming capabilities. It is the only quiet self priming mini pump on the market enabling the installer complete flexibility of where to site the pump.


• Exceptional performance from a small package
• Proven rotary diaphragm technology as used in the Blue Diamond range
• Flow rate up to 8 l/hr
• Self priming
• Energy Efficient
• Dry suction lift
• Self priming
• Exceptionally quiet and no vibration
• Low power consumption
• Can be mounted in any orientation

Less really is more with MiniBlue as it has no noise making silent when running either wet or dry and self priming. No filters unique patented pumping principle reliably removes condensate and debris. No call-outs as it is inherently reliable with a multi year warranty and no cost penalty as the MiniBlue offers peristaltic performance for the price of a piston pump.

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Blue Diamond – why risk anything less?

MSRP: $238.84

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