Acoustic Duct R1.0

Platinum Flex R1.0™ Flexible Duct

Platinum Flex™ Flexible Duct is arguably the most durable duct on the market. With its reinforced outer jacket and tough polyethylene inner lining, this duct is resistant to tearing during installation and operation in the roof space. 


  • SAFE: All materials are non-allergenic and safe for your family.
  • EFFICIENT: Platinum™ Flex is made with quality polyester that minimizes thermal loss, which means you can heat or cool your home quicker.
  • LOCAL: Platinum™ Flex is made in South Australia.
  • QUIET: Special sound absorbent inner lining means quiet air delivery
  • Fully complies to AS4254 & AS1530 Pt3 and New Zealand Building Code
  • Designed for low noise air transfer
  • DUCT CORE: A UV resilient fi re retardant 100µm black low density polyethylene perforated material mechanically locked into an outer metal helix with a copper coated spring steel wire.
  • DUCT SLEEVE: Fire retardant 75µm black low density UV-stabilised polyethylene
  • TEMPERATURE RANGE: Maximum: +80˚C, Minimum: -10˚C
  • Special sound absorbent inner lining tested in accordance with AS1277-1983 Acoustics - Measurement procedures for ducted silencers and shown to reduce some sounds by as much as 75%