Air Curtains

What is an Air Curtain?

Essentially, Air curtains work by separating two different temperature zones thereby creating an ‘invisible door’ using the fast moving air-stream that allows people to move very easily from one area to another without doors hindering their progress. 

As a result of using air curtains, comfort levels for staff, customers and visitors close to the doorway are increased by the overall draught reduction.

Air curtains also reduce penetration of insects, outside dust, pollen and other pollutants from entering the environment – helping to create a comfortable and fresh working space for you, your staff and your customers

Where can Commercial Air Curtains be used?

Designed for use in Supermarkets, Hotels, Factories, Airports, Warehouses, Leisure Complexes, Cold Stores, Showrooms, Railway & Bus Stations, High Street Stores, Hospitals, Pubs & Clubs, Cinemas, Restaurants, Reception Areas or any frequently used entrance or retail outlet.