Lossnay Energy Recovery Vertical Fresh Air Ventilation - VL500

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VL500 Vertical Lossnay Fresh Air Energy Recovery Ventilation with Wi-Fi Control











Model: VL-500CZPVU-R-E
Capacity Airflow (Fan Speed 4) 139 l/s
Dimensions 725 x 556 x 623

Mitsubishi Electric has launched the next generation of Whole Home Fresh Air Heat Recovery Ventilation that does not require installation in the attic. While exposed ceilings are great from an architectural aesthetics perspective, it limits the ability to install a traditional roof-based ventilation system.

Designed for Flexibility and Convenience
The Vertical Lossnay Range is designed specifically for the New Zealand housing market and makes energy efficient, super-quiet ventilation accessible to even more homes. Because of the slimline, vertical upright design, the Lossnay Ventilation System is not limited to an in-roof installation. With its small upright footprint, it can be placed in the garage or a cupboard in the laundry. Now whole home ventilation can be installed without compromising the architectural design of the building.

Automatic Free Cooling* Mode
Using the on-board temperature sensors, the Vertical Lossnay unit automatically enters Bypass Mode when it detects a space is hotter than desired and the outside air is cooler. To reduce the risk of overheating the home, fresh air is introduced, bypassing the Lossnay Core. This is ideal for cooling down a dwelling that may have overheated during the day once the outside temperature has dropped in the evening.

Easy to Use Control
A built-in LCD controller allows for easy control and commissioning of the unit. This interface displays all functionality and temperature settings of the system.

Energy Saving
The Vertical Lossnay Range has a temperature exchange efficiency ranging from 85–92%*2, thereby significantly reducing the energy required and cost to keep the usable space conditioned at your desired temperature.
Make Heat Recovery Ventilation Visible – With Advanced Lossnay Wi-Fi Control
Elevating air quality and maximising energy efficiencies has never been easier, because now the power is in your hands. See by how many degrees*3 Lossnay is pre-warming or cooling your home in real time*4, helping you save on your power bill because less additional heating or cooling is required to bring the fresh air introduced to your home up to an ideal temperature.
And in summer monitor by how many degrees Lossnay reduces the temperature in your home, using Automatic Free Cooling Mode. The App will also proactively remind you when it is time to clean your filters to maximise both cost efficient operation and health benefits.

Lossnay Wi-Fi Control truly is the smart evolution in fresh air ventilation.
* In comparison to using a dedicated cooling device. The unit will continue to use a small amount of power to bring colder fresh air from outside.
*2 VL-500 temperature exchange efficiency (maximum fan speed – minimum fan speed).
*3 The outside ‘Fresh Air’ and the inside ‘Avg Temp’ air temperatures are measured by the built-in sensors that are centrally located in the main Lossnay Ventilation unit.
*4 Energy recovery monitoring estimated based on default fan settings. Actual recovery savings will vary depending on individual application.

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